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Summer Knotgarden Tips, Hints and Errata

Color Correction


  • For the Jessica stitches in the lower left flower ornament, the instructions erroneously call for DMC 789.  The correct color is DMC 792 

Swan Lake Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Errors in Bottom Ballerina (1)


  • The open diamond symbol on light beige background is missing from the key. Please use DMC 415 - Pearl Grey.
  • The white one over stitches of the tutu protrude into the surrounding stitches. Either stitch as charted and stitch 3/4 stitches for the background or eliminate the protruding over one stitches, your preference.

Errors in Bottom Ballerina (2)


  • The symbol 1 on a beige background is missing from the key. This is located in the bottom over one ballerina. We suggest using DMC 3770 or another flesh tone of your choice.

Errors in Bottom Ballerina (3)


  • The blue symbol with two parallel 45 degree lines used in the tutu is missing from the key. Please use WL 128 - Sea Moss
  • The blue x symbol in the ballerina headdress is missing, also use WL 128- Sea Moss.

Fabric Count


  • Martina recommends 14/28 ct fabric due to dense beading in the center design.

Similar Symbols


  • DMC 825 and 645 have similar symbols, especially if working from the black and white chart.  We suggest working from the color chart if possible.

Online Albums


Swan Lake Mandala Album 

by Helen Orlova