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Watergarden Mandala

Waterlily Tapestry

Weeping Willow Keep

White Hyacinth Mandala

White Nights in St. Petersburg

Winter Watergarden Mandala

Waterlily Tapestry

We need pictures of this design!  If you have completed this design and would like to have your work displayed here, please contact us at for further information.  

White Nights in St. Petersburg Tips, Hints and Errata

Similar Symbols

  • PB10 and PB 62 have the same letter code (w) but they are different shades of blue and one appears to be an uppercase letter and one a lowercase letter.  

Part 5 Backstitching

  • The steps in part 5 are backstitched in PB 37 - Dark Antique Gold

Part 5 Rhodes Stitches

  • The Rhodes in Part 5 are stitched with SNC 160 - Aged Antiquity

Part 9 Missing Symbols

  • In part 9 there are intentional missing symbols (blank spaces) in the one over one ornament at the top of the highest tower.  These are meant to be unfilled and will not show on the completed work.

Winter Watergarden Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Companion Design

  • The Winter Watergarden Mandala has a companion design called Winter Birds.  Some stitchers have opted to replace the cardinals in the design with the birds from this companion design.

Online Albums

White Nights in St. Petersburg Album 

by Helen Orlova

Winter Watergarden Mandala

by "Chlo" from the Russian Chatelaine Fan Club