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This is a reference website featuring needle art designs from Châtelaine by Martina Rosenberg. Here, you will find curated photos, tips, hints and any chart corrections from the community of Châtelaine stitchers. This website is maintained by volunteer fans for the enjoyment of those who love and appreciate Martina's works of art. 

Looking for a particular design? Some of the design names have changed over the years, including mysteries that were later given a name. For consistency, we are using the names used on the Châtelaine -Designs by Martina Rosenberg business page. Still can't find something? Contact us!



Join the Official Châtelaine Support Group on Facebook below. This is the place to ask questions, discuss fabric, threads and beads and share pictures. 


In order to be accepted into the Support Group, it is MANDATORY to answer the three questions displayed when you request to join. This was and remains Martina's firm requirement.



If you would like to purchase these designs, visit the official business website Châtelaine  - Designs by Martina Rosenberg.

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If you have photos, tips or online albums you would like to share, contact us at for consideration. Make sure to include the name of the design and any details about fabric, etc.  

Please note that we do not represent the business entity "Châtelaine  - Designs by Martina Rosenberg" and cannot respond to any inquiries about purchasing or selling designs or materials. 

The Last Word


All photos have been used with permission from the stitcher and/or photographer and may not be copied or reproduced.

Please respect copyright laws.

Thank You!

And last but not least, a BIG thank you to all of the Châtelaine stitchers who graciously allowed us to use their photos and shared valuable advice about the designs. The Châtelaine community is the best!