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Roses & Violets Sampler Tips, Hints & Errata

Discontinued Fibers

Discontinued Fibers

Discontinued Fibers


  • The Eterna silks used in this design have been discontinued.  There are several conversion charts on line, or use colors that suit your taste. The following is an approximate DMC conversion:

  • E 2640 -> DMC 210
  • E 2690 -> DMC 3747
  • E 2710 -> DMC 3807
  • E 2770 -> DMC 794 +/-

Name Change

Discontinued Fibers

Discontinued Fibers


  • This design was previously Sampler Mystery IV and has been renamed "Roses & Violets".  It can be found for purchase under either name.

Royal Tudor Mandala Tips, Hints & Errata

Gold Backstitching

Gold Backstitching

Gold Backstitching


  • The windows within the blackwork sections contain small ornaments within the "color-intense curtains".  Only these ornaments are backstitched in gold metallic.

Crown Color Error

Gold Backstitching

Gold Backstitching


  • The red and green crowns erroneously have some charted blue half stitches.  Ignore these and use the main crown color.

From the Designer - Russian Window

"It is quite some time [ago] that I stumbled upon the very intricate woodworking and ornate patterning of old Russian Windows. Not in the cities though, but on farmland. Old wooden houses, adorned with sawed "lace" of wood - painted with bright colors (former) , now weathered to picturesque shades and lovely worn looks. Lacey curtains inside - here and there a cat face peeking through - pots with flowers inside and out.

I was immediately inspired - and here you see the first of a series, of at least four designs. I made a pattered ornate frame, filled with special stitches and beads, which was influenced by traditional Russian needlework patterns."

- Martina Rosenberg, October 11th, 2013

Editor's Note: Alas, Martina opted not to continue with this design series as her creative muses moved her in other directions.  


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