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Venice Mandala


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Vienna Mandala


Violet Patch Mandala

Venice Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Discontinued Treads

Part 5 Backstitching

Discontinued Treads


  • Anchor Marlitt thread has been discontinued.  A shiny black thread such as DMC satin will work here.

Thread Color

Part 5 Backstitching

Discontinued Treads


  • The rice stitches in the center are stitched with GLO 017 Deep Blue Sea. The center cross is PB 04 Silver

Part 5 Backstitching

Part 5 Backstitching

Part 5 Backstitching


  • In part 5 (the right side windows), the upper window backstitching needs clarification. The backstitching is done in black EXCEPT for the bright green lines. These are vines and are stitched in GLO 200 Leaf Green.  

Versailles Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Missing Pattern Section


  • The South Palace is missing sections of chart on both the right and left.  Fill in using your best judgement. 

From the Designer - Vienna Ball

"In this piece I tried to capture impressions of how Vienna has been "then, in former times", when going to a Ball at night was important :-) There is a young woman dressed up in an utterly elegant dress from rose petal colored silks - wearing a necklace with pearls and crystals. She is waiting close to a velvet portiere with gold tassels for the carriage arriving to bring her to the castle Schoenbrunn which you can see faaaaar way in
the horizons.

This lucky woman lives in a very elegant setting - look at the chandelier! and the garden behind her... where that little (?) peacock comes right in to see if
he can find a crumb or two....It is already dawning and the gas lantern is lit already, sending out a flattering shimmer of light to the scene....

This piece will incorporate lots of colors, beads, metallics and sparklies of course -- and besides the cross stitching have quite some Special Stitches as you know from my designs. These will give dimension and extra interest and give alot of fun whilst stitching!"

-Martina Rosenberg, September 7th, 2008



Vienna Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Center Jessica Stitch


  • The very center of the design is a large Jessica in Gloriana 019 - Tropical Sea.  Use a VERY long single ply to complete the Jessica.

Violet Patch Mandala Corrected Material List

Petite Treasure Braid and Petite Silk Lame Corrections for Violet Patch Mandala (pdf)


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