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Chinese Garden Mandala

Celtic Maze Garden Tips, Hints and Errata

French Knots


  • "[sic] If you now really really really really ....hate the FKs ... you could you could substitute them with those minute Miniature beads which are sold by Mill Hill ( not my favorite brand, but in that case... it might work). There are quite some colors available and if you pick one or two and sew them on on the "spots" of the FKs it might look as nice, or even nicer, who knows...Just my two designer's cents :-)))" 

- Martina Rosenberg

Chinese Garden Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Flower Color in Part 2


  • The instructions erroneously call for ET 0420 for the innermost petal for the corner flowers.  This should be ET 0400.
  • Please note that the Eterna Silks have been discontinued. See the section below for possible conversions or use DMC.

Corrected File


  • Part 5 has a corrected file that should be available when purchasing directly from  There are corrected symbols for SNC 293 Ethiopian Rocks and SNC 188 Coastal Seaweed.

Chinese Garden Mandala Discontinued Fibers

The Eterna Silks called for in the original design have been discontinued.  

The following are possible conversions.

Chinese Mandala: Eterna Silk Conversion to Other Silks (pdf)


Chinese Mandala: Eterna Silk Conversion to Silk Mill silks (pdf)


Online Albums


Chinese Garden Mandala Album

by Helen Orlova


Chinese Garden Mandala Album

by by Renée Beumer-Fonteyne.