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From the Designer - Hydrangea Autumn Fog Mandala

"Summer is now gone definitely - and Autumn is here, with the cool airs, rainy weather, foggy mornings... The garden starts to go to sleep, and the colors change. Most beautifully faded shades are visible among the Hydrangeas - and so it "dawned" to me one day lately, that this special time of the year deserves its own Mandala... voilá! 

Tender shades of grey, grey-blue and old lavender mix with blue shaded greens and yellow-brownish colors of fallen leafs and wilting grass. Dewdrops (B E A D S !!) will sparkle here and there and the center pond mirrors the special blue of the rare sunny days.... You will see tiny over-one mushrooms in the moist moss areas and find cute hedgehogs making their way through the autumnal landscape... and who knows, what (who..) else will be found in this picture...."

- Martina Rosenberg, September 25th, 2012


Hydrangea Autumn Fog Tips, Hints and Errata

Part 3 Corner Leaves

Part 2 vs Part 3 Stem Length

Part 3 Flower Outline


  • In this design, Martina supplies the pattern for the leaf corner and the stitcher is instructed to replicate this pattern on all sides. The pattern can be rotated or mirrored - see pictures above.
  • If working from your tablet, you can either rotated the PDF within the app you are using OR lock the screen and rotate the tablet itself.

Part 3 Flower Outline

Part 2 vs Part 3 Stem Length

Part 3 Flower Outline


  • The corner flowers are back stitched in DD 184 - Wallaby Grass or DMC 931 as noted in the picture above.

Part 2 vs Part 3 Stem Length

Part 2 vs Part 3 Stem Length

Part 2 vs Part 3 Stem Length


  • Pay close attention to the stem of the heart shaped leaves around the center. There is some variation across the parts and these stems can have variable count length. They should be 21 cross stitches long and a few crosses may need to be added for symmetry.

Illuminated Medieval Sampler Tips, Hints and Errata

Missing Symbol


The pink "T" symbol is missing from the key and should be stitched with DMC 760

Indian Summer Reflections Tips, Hints and Errata

Center Backstitching

Part One Backstitching

Part One Backstitching


  • There is a black backstitch line all the way around the center open area. The recommended Marlitt thread has been discontinued; use any shiny black fiber as a replacement.
  • The backstitched vines in between the over one leaves are stitched in Gloriana 117.

Part One Backstitching

Part One Backstitching

Part One Backstitching


  • The rhodes stitches and eyelets in Part 1 are to be backstitched in one strand of the same color.

Eyelet Color

Part One Backstitching

Eyelet Color


  • The instructions erroneously call for the Algerian eyelets to be stitched with 040 - this should be Gloriana 049 - wood pond.

Irish Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Missing grass colors


  • The grasses in the corners with the crosses and roses are missing in the instructions. The darker grass should be stitched with one ply of GLO 117 - Elizabethan Green. The lighter grass is stitched with one ply of GLO 200 - Leaf Green.

Irish Tree of Life Tips, Hints and Errata

Specialty Colors


  • This design uses Dinky Dyes colors 262 and 263 which were specially created for this design. 262 is Irish Forest and 263 is Irish Meadows. 

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