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From the Designer - Old World Vinery Mandala

"I am sitting in the shade and looking at my tiny, freshly planted vines at the patio [as I write this].

This center [of the design] is a meadow full of pastel flowers around a Special Stitched
Water center. ....Summery water and meadow landscape, as the bright border gardens along the Moselle, where the meadows with the swaying grass and flowers to just down into the water, which curls lovely and gathers in small ponds along the river.

And all along the river you find those mountains and valleys filled with vineries, stocks of the
grape plants, with leafs in shades of green to red and rust in Autumn, with grapes like tiny beads first and later like sparkling jewels filled with juice...Old castles on top of mountains and splendid homes of the vineyard owners ....As well as little stops along the road, where you can taste a glass of cooled wine for a little money.

For those who are into dimensional embroidery - you will jump up and down - as the large clusters of grapes in the corners are partially beaded, stack-beaded, Special Stitched and normal x-stiched too - so they will come forward as if real :-) Different colors of grapes, of leafs add to the seasonal character of the picture - and lots of very elegant Blackwork in foggy autumnal mountain-misty shades will add an other highlight here.

Each panel has the forth going view of a typical landscape of Moselle or Rhine. Yes, the idea comes from the Japanese Box :-) Lovely Special Stitches will use some of these yummissimo silkies. Beads here and there. I changed the trunk of the age-old vine to a non-symmetric, crooked appearance...and more.....and if you do not like to stitch all that Mandala, you can well use the single landscape panels and put them together (again, as they were designed) and have a beautiful Old World Vinery landscape."

- Martina Rosenberg, October 7th & July 8th, 2013



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