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Serengeti Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Fiber Correction


  • The pattern calls for Dinky Dyes Gidgee in Silk Perle - this should be the 600d (SP-600-142)

Over One Eagles


  • Renée recommends using a tent stitch rather than a full cross when using Perle DD 118 in the eagle

Elephants in Part 2


  • The elephant silhouette panels are slightly different on each side.  Be sure to examine the pattern closely rather than using one panel as a template for all four sides

Flowers in Part 7


  • In part 7, the instructions erroneously state to "Choose TWO of the stamen which you stitch in DD 142."; however, Martina already charted 2 stamen in DD 142 in the color chart.

From the Designer - Seville Alcazar Garden Mandala

"This palace in Seville Spain is from around the 12th century and reached the way it looks today in the 14th century. Built by the Moors in Spain (like many other places, among them the famous Alhambra) it has "the" style with the arches and the non-human pictures, only ornaments, plants, birds and scriptures. 

Glazed tiles shape lots of caleidoscopic patterns and shimmer in the blazing sunlight. Shady arcades invite for a walk - light-filled courtyards house tropical plants with large leafs and here and there you will see huge pots and urns with topiary trees and fruit. Peacock stroll around in the gardens, which are partially formal with cut hedges and shape-cut trees and bushes, partially sort of  "wild" and filled with enchantingly perfumed flowers. Everywhere water is a  main theme, be it in basins over turquoise tiles or in fountains, throwing hundreds of sparkling beads of water into the hot air.

...The outer border is inspired by the formal gardens of this area of the Alcazar - I captured the patterns of the cut hedges for this part of the embroidery. In the corners you will see 4 different "tiled" gardens....It was and still is a huge challenge for me to try to capture the "essence" of these gardens and buildings into ONE (!!) embroidery piece - so many themes, so many pictures, so little space ....I could easily fill an embroidery 1000 x 1000 stitches, you know"

- Martina Rosenberg, May 26th, 2013


Seville Alcazar Garden Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Center Colors


  • In the very center, the Jessica stitches are stitched with DMC 703

Bargello Stitch


  • The instructions may erroneously call for DMC 980 (which is not in the materials list) for the outermost layer of bargello stitches. Stitchers either used DMC 890 or another green to suit their taste.

Instructions for Part 4


  • Stitch 4 Algerian eyelets in the center with 2 ply of WL 127 - Crystal Bay in every other hole
  • Frame with PB 57
  • Add diamond eyelets with 2 ply of GLO 067 - Rainforest

Bead Clarification Part 4


  • Delica 274 was listed twice, the @ symbol should be delica 1207
  • The symbol the finger is pointing to in the image is the @ symbol which should be delica 1207. It has been distorted in the pattern
  • The red arrow is symbol 5, delica 1812 

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