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Moroccan Town Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Building Identification


TOP - Royal Theater in Marrakech

BOTTOM - Bab Chorfa Gate in Fez

LEFT - Marrakech Blue Gate in Fez

RIGHT Bab El Mansour in Meknes

Mushroom & Fern Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Thread Correction


  • The bottom Barghello stitches use three ply of Caron Waterlilies 066 (Jade).  The instructions erroneously say to use WL 067.  

To Bead or Not to Bead....


  • It is unclear if there is a crystal or bead in the square just under the Barghello stitch. No clear answer was identified, so use your best judgement.

Missing Symbol


  • The circled symbol is missing from the color key.  DMC 814 should be used.

From the Designer - Nights in the South Seas

"There was quite some stuff left over from Tahiti main design - and I dabbled around with it, which lead to a dream-like design (as I find) of a Moonrise at some South Seas shore.

A Vahine is dancing to some music at the beach, Palm Tree silhouettes are visible against the night skies. The first stars are visible and twinkle (yes, crystals!) and in the foreground you can see some of the gorgeous shells washed up to the sands. In one half that girl has even collected a few wonderfully shimmering Pearls (sew on real ones or use the Special Stitches...) The tropical flowers spend their perfumes, darkened by the nightfall they fit into the overall sombre scene. OK, DH nearly fell back over because of the "romance" in this piece-  but alas! He is (only) a man...

Few silks only, hardly any beads, a handfull of crystals and the rest DMC and your work will make this design to a dream on the wall....Backstitching of the main outlines will be done with gold metallic thread to add some golden Moonlight ....You can even go further and sew on a few genuine shells... and add a drop of Plumeria Perfume"

- Martina Rosenberg, April 9th, 2013


From the Designer - Nymph Garden Mandala

"The Nymphs' Garden Mandala --- In a dark forest at sunrise you see the 4 Nymps dancing in the veils of the foggy dusts...Water Nymph  -- Tree Nymph -- Fern Nymph --Leaf Nymph. They are mere silhouettes, no faces - just a hint of something -- a fairytale, nothing tangible! 

Surrounded by huge leafs and tiny grasses, Waterlilies and buds, bare trees with strange "body" shapes (are they Nymphs too)? The colors are soft and dusky - muted and veiled. Lots of Special Stitches and as well lots of beads make the sparkling dew drops come alive."

- Martina Rosenberg, Jan 1st, 2014


Nymphs' Garden Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Missing Specialty Stitch


  • The 3x3 sqaure near the corners of the center square should be a Rhodes stitch using PB 10 and are backstitched with the Arctic Gold metallic.

Similar Symbols

  • The symbols for DMC 3823 (yellow ultra vy lt) and for DMC 3770 (flesh ultra vy lt) are very similar. You need the color key and chart to see the difference.
  • The symbols for DMC 712 (cream) and DMC B5200 (white bright) are also similar, pay close attention.

Backstitch Colors


  • The large waterlilies in the corners are backstitched in the following:
  • upper left->DMC 945
  • upper right->DMC 402
  • lower left->DMC 402
  • lower right->DMC 3326

Octopus Treasure Cave Tips, Hints and Errata

Backstitch Clarification


The anemone is erroneously missing portions of the blue backstitching line. The entire anemone should be backstitched.

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