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Rainforest Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Fabric Count

  • Martina suggests using 28 ct fabric due to tight beading. A plain 32 ct fabric may suffice, but any 32ct overdyed will be too small unless the stitcher alters the pattern to fit the beads (or substitutes smaller sized beads).

Thread Color Suggestion

  • DD 41 - Tea Tree has some pink in the variegation. This is used heavily in the Monstera leaves and some stitchers have preferred to substitute another green to avoid the pink. This is a personal preference.

Symbol Error

  • There are two symbols that both use DD 67 - Jacob's Ladder. Martina noted that this was an error and part of her design process when finalizing colors. Please use Jacob's Ladder for both symbols.

Bead Errors

  • Delica bead 1506 was substituted for Delica bead 1505
  • The pattern calls for more Delica 77 than is listed in the materials list. If you work the pattern from the center out, you will run out at the blue frog. Another blue can be easily substituted  or you may want to purchase additional Delica 77 beads.

Rome Garden Tips, Hints and Errata

Temple of Saturn Absent Design

  • Significant portions of the design are missing; the stitcher will need to fill in as best as they can

Temple of Saturn Reference

  • Photo of the Temple of Saturn as reference to help fill in the missing design

Temple of Saturn Suggestion (1)

  • Thank you to Lana Trezise Azar for suggesting a pattern for us!

Temple of Saturn Suggestion (2)

  • Thank you to Lana Trezise Azar for suggesting a pattern for us!

Rome Garden & Mosaic Mandala Corrected Material List

Petite Treasure Braid and Petite Silk Lame Corrections for Rome Garden & Mosaic Mandala (pdf)


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