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A-Mazing Art Nouveau Lilies


A-Mazing Earth to Universe Caleidoscope


A-Mazing Lavender Garden Caleidoscope


A-Mazing Marie Antoinette’s Rose Garden Caleidoscope


Amber Ocean Lights


Arabian Walled Garden

A-Mazing Art Nouveau Lilies Tips, Hints and Errata

Missing/Erroneous Symbols


  • In the sections that contain the eight lilies around the center, there are some free spaces. Margit recommends filling those with cross stitches in WL Creme Fraiche.
  • In this same area, there are green symbols that look out of place. Margit suggests using the same background pink for those symbols.

Over One Lilies


  • There is an over one and over two option for the lily medallions
  • Margit chose not to backstitch the over one lilies in the light gold, but does recommend this if stitching the over two lilies.

A-Mazing Earth to Universe Caleidoscope Video

Check out this video to see the sparkle!

A-Mazing Earth to Universe Tips, Hints and Errata



  • The entire black rim of the outer curved sections are backstitched in PB 153. This is not obvious on the PDF pattern unless enlarged significantly.

Planet Names


  • Jessica opted to add the names of the planets herself.  This is not part of the design; however, Martina does identify the planets on the Chatelaine - Design by Martina Rosenberg business website. 

A-Mazing Lavender Garden Caleidoscope Tips, Hints and Errata

Diamond Eyelet Clarfication


  • The long diamond eyelets in the corners are stitched with one ply of DD 136 - Sea Grass. Ignore the two erroneous cross stitches of the same color buried under the diamond eyelets.