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From the Designer - Tahiti Mandala

"I try to capture the "Island" feeling by having the sea and the lagoon breaking waves at the outer edge. More or less. In the water you will see a floating Loggerhead Turtle, and some bright Pacific fishes - 4 different pairs.

More inside you have tiny islands with palm trees.... there will be more shells, with PEARLS.....You will see wonderful flowers of this Island and a turtle which is created from Blackwork, using a traditional Tattoo as inspiration.....You will see motives of traditional Quilts as well as the decorative green ankle-adornments of the dancing women. In the center you have a piece of the Sea again, inspired by a Tattoo, embellished with lots of  b e a d s and Sparklies - and framedby Tiaré Medaillions. 

Lots of flowers like Heliconia, Hibiscus, Anthurium and Passiflora. Tiny Mantas, beaded as well as beautiful shells in different colors frame the outer parts of the sea like a lagoon. The pearls in the pearl shell can be stitched with beads -- or you splurge and sew on some pearls from your various strands of Tahiti Pearls (grin)"

- Martina Rosenberg, February 14th, 2013


Tahiti Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Symbol Clarification


  • In the center circle, between the Waterlillies Aquamarine color there is a symbol that overlaps with another and appears to be a "4". This is indeed "4" Delica bead 1228. 

Crystal Count


  • The original materials list erroneously called for only 14 Lt. Sapphire AB crystals. The design requires 16 crystals, which are used near the small shells around the center.

Thread Color Suggestion


  • You may prefer to outline the swimming turtles in black. The instructions call for petite treasure braid; however, this may make the turtles more difficult to see.  

Taj Mahal Tips, Hints and Errata

Part 4 Specialty Stitches


  • The Algerian eyelets above the windows are stitched with two ply of WL 193 - Iced Lavendar - in every other hole.
  • "The Rhodes can or can not be backstitched - follow your own taste with this. I sometimes like to have them emphasized with a frame of BS - but this is truly a matter of personal preference. If you want to add the additional work, use the same thread and two plies for the BS's." - Martina

Delica Size 8 Beads


  • This design uses Delica size 8 bead #9994 (which is somewhat of an assortment).  These beads are significantly larger than the usual size 11 and will need to be stitched at an angle. You can substitute other beads from your stash if you prefer,

Half Crosses and Backstitch


  • The half cross stitches for the "sky" above the taj roof are stitched in DD 11 - Coral Sea.  
  • The roof itself is back stitched in NPI 753

Tuscany Town Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Part 2 Jessica Stitches


  • The Jessica Stitches in Part 2 are stitched with NPI 489

Lazy Daisy Stitch


  • Hint: consider stitching the lazy daisy backwards i.e. stitch the tacking stitch first, then run the loop stitch under the tack. 

Part 2 & 3 Stitching Order


  • Some stitchers find it is easier to stitch part 3 prior to part 2 for landmarks to prevent counting errors.  

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