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Butterfly Garden Sampler


Butterfly Lace Mandala


Button Garden


Caribbean Mandala


Castle Band Samplers 01-04

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Castle Moyland Mandala

Butterfly Garden Sampler

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Butterfly Lace Mandala Tips, Hints & Errata

Butterfly Lace Tips (pdf)


From the Designer - Button Garden

"Whilst playing with my huge box of old and antique buttons of all sizes and all materials - the oldest coming from around 1880 there - many of Mother of Pearl, others from beautiful
vintage plastic etc. I thought I need something so sew them on.
So this idea of a "Button Garden" came up and I dabbled along - until something in faded tones came to life - as a garden, brim-ful with Special Stitches in variegated pastel threads, and place for many beloved buttons in place of "flowers". I think who does not want to sew on buttons, can well use provided different sizes of Jessica and Rhodes "Rounds" to put in place of "buttons". Even the snails could get a house of a Mother of Pearl button instead of a stitched one...I will add a delicate lace frame outside of the ornate frame, which provides lots of "spaces" for your button collection...."

-Martina Rosenberg, March 6th, 2011



Button Garden Tips, Hints and Errata

Chart Error


There are several erroneous fractional stitches charted within the bottom border; please disregard

Caribbean Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Flamingo Medallion Hints


  • Outline the medallion shape first, using Bermuda Reef, PB 36 and DMC 902.
  • Stitch the flamingo over 1 in black first, then fill in the over one in Gentle Arts Poppy around the flamingo.
  • Complete the medallion with the over two GA Poppy.

Gloriana Luminescence Starfish


  • You may use one or two ply for the starfish depending on your fabric and personal taste.
  • If you use two strands, make sure to cut your lengths of thread JUST after unwinding the skein from the original card in order to maintain the variegation match.  If you wind on a bobbin prior to stitching, it will be difficult to match the variegation later.
  • Consider using a laying tool to keep the Luminescence fibers parallel.

Thread Corrections


  • The directions erroneously call for GLO 032 - this should be GLO 023 - Velvet Night Sky

Similar Symbols

  • NPI 493 and 942 have similar symbols, closely compare the design to the color key.  

Castle Moyland Mandala Tips, Hints & Errata

Castle Moyland Tips (pdf)


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