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Heart Flower Series:

Bluebells, Roses, & Violets & Jade


Herbularius Garden Mandala


Heritage Sampler


Holland Mandala


Hortus Viridarium Mandala


Hummingbird Lace Mandala

Heart Flower Series: Bluebells, Roses, & Violets & Jade

We need pictures of these designs!  If you have completed one or more and would like to have your work displayed here, please contact us at info.chatelainegallery@gmail.com for further information.

Herbularius Tips, Hints and Errata

Erroneous color in Instructions


  • The instructions erroneously state that one should use GLO 023 for the dense Rhodes stitches.  The correct color should be GLO 025 - Purple Night Sky.

Heritage Sampler - From the Designer

“I designed a large sampler which honors the generations of women who came before us, and leaves space for the ones which will come after us....

I found out by my father’s genealogy research that all of the women in our family have had a "thing" with flowers/plants/herbs...some were gardeners at their farmhouses, one was a midwife well known for her various plant remedies - later generations had a garden for


So it was an idea to have a sampler which shows the heritage of women back into time - each of us deals with plants, loves flowers and their variety -- and a garden

What you can see here … is a sampler which will be as big as YOU will want it - be it that you will work it for three + one future generation, or without, or for more then three -- it is

versatile [and] changeable to your needs.

Once you [have] finished this very special sampler you will have a piece of family history to hand to coming generations so they can include their names even, if you leave one or more “free lines”…..

The threads used can be variegated silks but as well the DMC conversions I will give. One or two

metallics -- and a few beads.. etc. You know what I love to use.”

 - Martina Rosenberg, July 17th, 2005


Heritage Sampler Tips, Hints and Errata

Cherries Band

Personalized Names

Cherries Band


  • The last cherry motif is off by one stitch. The entire motif needs to be moved one stitch to the left in order to line up properly with the others. Please pay close attention to this particular motif as it is repeated as needed.

Outer Border

Personalized Names

Cherries Band


  • In the very outer border, there is an intentional variation within the border. This is designed to make sure the border matches up on all sides and is not an error.

Personalized Names

Personalized Names

Personalized Names


  • Martina previously offered a customized service for name and phrase templates. Due to her untimely passing, this service is no longer offered.  We miss you, Martina.

Online Albums


Herbularius Garden Album 

by Helen Orlova


Hummingbird Lace Mandala Album 

by Helen Orlova


Holland Mandala Album

by Helen Orlova