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Japanese Garden Mandala

Japanese Zen Moss Garden

King's Vegetable Garden - Potager du Roi


Konstantinople Hamam Garden

Lake Como Mandala

Japanese Garden Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Tori Roof Clarification

  • The instructions for theTori roof erroneously call for SNC 938 for the Rhodes Stitches. The correct color is SNC 038 - Rusty Amber

Bonsai Pot Clarification

  • The specialty stitch in the bonsai pots are Rhodes stitched with two ply of SNC 188
  • The Rhodes are backstitched with gold metallic - PH01

Color Calrification

  • The instructions erroneously call for Glo 018 for the satin stitched in the decorative frame around the corner ornaments.  This should be Glo 108 - Monet's Pond Green.

Japanese Zen Moss Garden Tips, Hints and Errata

Over One Buddhas

The over one Buddhas are all different and different sizes. Martina offers a set of Bonsai trees as a replacement if you prefer.  Images by Helen Orlova.

Bonsai Tree Option

Bonsai trees stitched by Aurélie Bernard

Eterna Silk Replacement

Eterna Silks have been discontinued.  Martina offers a DMC conversion in the materials list.  If you prefer to substitute another silk, there are several options including NPI and Silk Mill.  

Missing Bead Symbol

Delica bead 906 is symbol "5"

Konstantinople Hamam Garden Tips, Hints and Errata

Missing Symbol

The blue half circle is DMC 792.

Alternate Center

The chart has both the reclining bather and pond center option.

From the Designer - Lake Como Mandala

"I am absolutely in love with these land- and waterscapes there in Northern Italy. Oh, how I wish I would be there now, all is a lot warmer then here ...But at least I can transfer all my wishes, memories and dreams of this area into cross stitch for you! 

There will be Villas in all shades of Mediterranean colors, Acacias and Mulberry trees... Palms and Bougainvilleas - the lake and the ornaments of the age-old buildings..... The only thing you will need to add is a glass of wine and some Bruschetta...nomnom!"

- Martina Rosenberg, October 10th, 2012

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King's Vegetable Garden - Potager du Roi 

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Konstantinople Hamam Mandala

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