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Fairy Band Samplers

Four Seasons


Fairy Flowergarden Mandala


Filigree Mandala 1 - Winter


Filigree Mandala 2 - Autumn


Filigree Mandala 3 - Spring


Filigree Mandala 4 - Summer

From the Designer -Fairy Band Samplers

"Seeing the Fairies Mandala go made me somewhat sad - I so love Fairies as a theme, and Elves and the small folks. So the last sleepless night produced the first of the fragile persons - the Apple Blossom Fairy - the first in a series of Seasons' Fairies. They will be stitchable as a sort of band sampler with motives, ornaments and such- not in a Mandala.
The first is the The Appleblossom Fairy. She will wear over-one blossoms and beads in her  hair - her lovely face is "over one" too - her dress will be a symphony of creamy rose shades and lightest greens...Her wings will glitter and sparkle with beads, braids and a few crystals. She will be surrounded by airy fogs and clouds of Springtime sunshine and weather...There will be rows and borders with intricate and detailed Blackwork/Backstitching/Special Stitches and Beadwork...And best of all : She will have 3 more sisters for Summer, Autumn and Winter..."

-Martina Rosenberg, September 2nd, 2010



Fairy Flowergarden Mandala Tips, Hints and Errata

Flower Medallion Alternate Design


  • Martina offers an additional design called the Flower Medallions.
  • These flowers can be used to replace the fairies within the Fairy Flowergarden Mandala framework or can be stitched on its own as an independent design

Online Albums


Fairy Flowergarden Mandala Album

by Helen Orlova