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Small Spices

Sparkling Peacock Mandala

Sparkling Swan Mandala

Splendids: Blue & Green

Spring Knotgarden

Spring Watergarden Mandala

Small Spices - Pepper & Ginger

We need pictures of this design!  If you have completed this design and would like to have your work displayed here, please contact us at for further information.  

Sparkling Swan Tips, Hints and Errata

Corrected Materials List

  • The center instructions call for backstitching with PB 48 "Autumn Leaves"; however, this is not included in the materials list.  
  • Make sure to add to your materials or notify Cindy if ordering from ECC

Spring Knotgarden Tips, Hints and Errata

Large Rhodes Flowers

  • The large Rhodes flowers have a separate instructional graph in the instructions.  You will need to decide where to start the stitch and label that as "1", moving around the Rhodes stitch to completion.
  • Upper -> WL 209;  Right -> DMC 800;  Bottom ->WL 187;  Left -> DMC 211

Similar Symbols

  • Please pay close attention, the symbols for DMC 519 -  Wedgewood Light and Edmar Rayon - IR 311 are very similar.  The Edmar is used mainly in the outer border.

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Sparkling Peacock Mandala Album 

by Helen Orlova